NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285

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Shorted power MOSFET


  1. Computer won't turn on and power supply does a "click" sound.
  2. With another graphic card, computer works correctly.


Due to overheat or overcurrent, a 4821N power MOSFET on any power rail may have failed.


  1. Check visually for any abnormality: an SMD power inductor may look bad on the rail where the MOSFET failed.
  2. Check for short to ground in both power connector.
  3. Check all 4821N MOSFET.


  1. Using hot air, replace the dead 4821N MOSFET.
  2. Using hot air, replace the SMD power inductor. (0.1µH, 30A at least)
  3. Make sure the cooling assembly did not melt and fan can spin correctly, otherwise replace it.
  4. Check if the short in the power connector has disappeared.
  5. Run a GPU stress-test.


GTX 285.jpg