Brandt EFE330F

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Broken via on mainboard


  1. Front panel LCD and LED doesn't light up.
  2. No startup chime.
  3. Drum starts rotating.


Due to overheat or freezing, the mainboard may have sustained damages, especially a broken via after moisture froze or evaporated inside the PCB.


  1. Check voltage between pin 32 (VDD_1) and 33 (VSS_1) of MCU ST72F324J6T6. If it is lower than 5V, MCU is not powered correctly.
  2. Check voltage between anode of output diode D7 and pin 33 (VSS_1). If it is around 5V, the SMPS is working.
  3. Check resistance between anode of output diode D7 and pin 32 (VDD_1) of MCU. If it is above 0.5 Ω, a via or a track is broken.


  1. Solder a jumper wire between pin 1 of front panel connector and anode of output diode D7.